Our Story

The story of Glitch started with three young men- Rashed,Saeed & Abdulla- having a cup of coffee in the suburbs of Dubai in the year 2015! Of course the discussion was about what video games to play next and planning the rest of the day with the gang. For the three of us video games is what literally made us together all these years through joy and hardship, through friendship and brotherhood, surely as we grew up we grasped many other hobbies and interests, but video games stayed the common between us and the most affecting.

An Approchable Experience

Going back to 2015, Rashed had a passion in coffee tasting while Abdulla loved setting up group events and Saeed was an all eyes open entrepreneur. On that day, on the 19th of September of 2015, we all decided that we need a change, we need to take video gaming in the UAE to whole new definition and with the three of having a focus of various capabilities, we made Glitch, the unique Video Gaming Coffee House! On the 19th of April 2018, 2.5 years later of defining, redefining , love, passion , hardship and never giving up. Why Glitch?! Well that story is solely up to you guys, we started it and you will draw the picture!

It started with a simple idea:

Drink coffe and play videogames